A sincere thanks to all who have endorsed this campaign.  Your support means a lot to us and is deeply appreciated.

Current and Former District 11 School Board Members:

Nora Brown
Shawn Gullixson
Lyman Kaiser
LuAnn Long
Elaine Naleski
Bob Null
Theresa Null
Julie Ott
Jan Tanner

Parents and Community Members:

Jeff Ingrum, Chair, District 11 Audit Committee
Terry Martinez, Former District 11 Principal
Joseph Mezzofante, Vice-Chair, District Accountability Committee
Jan Rennie, Chair, District 11 Budget Subcommittee
Velvet Stepanek, Chair, District Accountability Committee

Organizations and Community Partners:

Colorado Springs Education Association (CSEA)
Housing and Building Association (HBA)
Pikes Peak Association of Realtors (PPAR)