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Parth Melpakam is passionate about public education, understands the financial realities of our district, has a proven track record of building community relationships, and has been a strong advocate for educating the whole student.  His fundamental belief “Excellence in Education for ALL” will empower every student to achieve at their full potential.

FAMILY: Parth and his wife, Rebecca, are proud to call Colorado Springs their home for the past 20 years.  As a family, they fell in love with everything that Colorado Springs has to offer – strong sense of community, genuine western hospitality, thriving local economy, excellent schools, pristine quality of life, and ample opportunities to explore the great outdoors.  Parth views family and community as the two essential pillars that shape the values of every child.  His daughter will be attending a District 11 Middle School this upcoming academic year.

CHILDHOOD: Parth was born and raised in India by loving, devoted parents.  Even though paying bills and putting food on the table were a constant challenge, his parents instilled the love for and the importance of a well-rounded, quality education.  Continuous pursuit of knowledge/learning provided the shining beacon of hope for a fulfilling life.  The unconditional support of his parents and the unwavering encouragement from dedicated teachers helped shape his passion for education.

EDUCATION/CAREER: Parth earned a Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering and started his professional career in India.  Passion for higher education, resolute belief in the “American Dream”, and the boundless opportunities to pursue lifelong aspirations brought him to United States in the early 1990’s.  Parth’s earnest appreciation for the many blessings that this country has to offer for a fuller and engaging life inspired him to become a naturalized citizen of United States.

While earning his Doctorate degree in Chemical & Petroleum Engineering at the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Parth served as an undergraduate math and science instructor. Working with students has always been the most rewarding and gratifying aspect of his career.  In his chosen career pathway as an engineer, Parth fully appreciated the pivotal benefits of a balanced education and its inherent value to create opportunities, provide choices, and unleash potential.  Teachers and educators have profoundly influenced, nurtured, and guided his personal and professional life.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT: As a parent, the quality of education that his daughter and ALL students receive in District 11 was the compelling and driving influence behind his active engagement in various leadership roles on District 11 committees.  He was actively involved at the grassroots level at his daughter’s school volunteering his time in School Accountability Committee (SAC) and Parent Teacher Associations (PTA).   Engaging with parents, students, teachers, and administrators reinforced his opinion that innovative learning programs and curriculum are fundamental to get all students to embrace the love of continuous learning.

For the past two years Parth served as the Chairman of the District Accountability Committee (DAC) at School District 11.  Under his balanced and principled leadership, DAC provided comprehensive recommendations to the School Board of Education and district administration on a variety of topics including district budget, school achievement, student safety, educational programs, and community engagement.  He continuously fostered the culture of “putting students first” in all key decisions.

SERVING ON THE BOARD OF EDUCATION: Parth resolutely believes that “Today’s children are tomorrow’s leaders, entrepreneurs, and productive citizens.” As a parent of a child in the district, he fully discerns the importance of developing the whole student so that they can profoundly impact our world. Parth wants to ensure that a well-rounded education prepares every child for life beyond high school based on their unique individual strengths. Parth is running for District 11 School Board because of his deep passion for public education, his broad experience at the district level, his desire for responsible stewardship, and his unwavering commitment for always putting students first in all critical decisions.


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